Projection & Debate around Après-Demain documentary

For their third common event on Wednesday March 20th, Les Canaux and Centre Yunus hosted a projection of the documentary Après-Demain, directed by Cyril Dion & Laure Noualhat.

Two years after the phenomenal success of his documentary Demain, Cyril Dion comes back on the initiatives that were inspired by the movie. He brings along his friend Laure Noualhat, famous investigation journalist specialized on ecology, and pretty sceptical about the real capacity of micro-initiatives to have a real impact on climate change. Their confrontation challenges each of them: what works, what fails? What if, after all, all of this was forcing us to imagine a new narrative for humanity?

Following the screening, a debate animated by Centre Yunus was hold gathering Laura Châtel, head of advocacy at Zero Waste France, Alexandra Laffont, coordinator Ile-de-France for Energie Partagée and Tom Boothe, La Louve president. Zero Waste France is an organization that promotes the zero waste philosophy through the principles of recycling, reusing and reducing our consumption. Energie Partagée supports the production of renewable energy in France led by citizens. La Louve is a cooperative supermarket located in Paris 18th district and directly inspired by the Brooklyn, New York based Park Slope Food Coop.

Together, Centre Yunus, his guests and the audience discussed about the power of citizens movements to drive positive change in our society and impact climate change.

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