Pr. Yunus visits the Milan Pact 5th Summit in Montpellier

Credit : © Mario Sinistaj

On the occasion of the 5th Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Annual Gathering and Mayor Summit held in Montpellier from October 7 to 9, Professor Yunus was invited by Philippe Saurel, Mayor of Montpellier, to give a keynote speech on the October 9th morning session.

In his talk, Pr. Yunus mentioned his experience at the Grameen Bank, that he founded in 1983, and reminded the importance of financial inclusion and woman empowerment for local development, including sustainable food systems. 

“In many situations of famine, there is no shortage of food, still people remain hungry because they don’t have the purchasing capacity to feed themselves”, affirmed Pr. Yunus in front of Mayors and Representatives from two hundred signatories cities of the Milan Pact around the world. 

“Poverty is caused by the system we have built, and women are the biggest victims of famine and malnutrition. 97% of the Grameen Bank 9 million borrowers are women. That transformed the whole country : they were able to better provide for their families, improving the lives of millions.” 

Find his full keynote speech at the Milan Pact 2019 (11:08)

Accompanied by the Centre Yunus Paris and Yunus Sports Hub teams, Pr. Yunus and Mayor Philippe Saurel had a meeting during which they were able to share their visions about social business in the service of local social and economic development for more sustainable cities.

Credit : ©CH.Ruiz/Montpellier3m

Find the video interview of Pr. Yunus for the City of Monpellier

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