“Good for Business, Business for Good”: talk with Pr. Yunus at Publicis, Paris

On Tuesday October 8th during his recent trip to Paris, Professor Yunus was invited by Publicis as a guest of honour to talk at their regular “Good for Business, Business for Good” meet-up in their Paris, Bastille offices. 

Agathe Bousquet, President of Publicis Group in France, led the discussion with the Nobel Peace Prize about social business, woman empowerment, youth & education and his engagement for the environment. 

“To resume your philosophy” said Ms. Bousquet to Pr. Yunus in her introduction, “you think that making money is a happiness. And that’s a great incentive. But making other people happy is a super-happiness.”

In front of two hundred and fifty corporates and friends of Centre Yunus Paris, Pr. Yunus was indeed happy to remind everyone in the audience :

“To get into social business, firstly you need to get out of the business ! If you can’t change the business you’re working for from within, create your own project aside. Pick one social or environmental issue you feel concerned about and create a business to solve it !”.

The morning continued with two thematic round-tables gathering notably social business organizations the Action Tank, MakeSense and the Yunus Sports Hub to discuss the role of companies operating for positive impact, and social business as a possible answer for young people in search of purpose.

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