Professor Yunus: “With the Pandemic, the train stopped suddenly leaving millions of poor even poorer and a few rich even richer”, “Transforming Capitalism”? “It is possible but let’s not go back and learn from our past mistakes”

We are delighted to share the intervention of Professor Yunus, alongside Gabriela Ramos (Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO)
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The French Red Cross has announced its support and signed Professor Yunus’s appeal to make COVID-19 vaccines a global common good. COVID-19 vaccines must be patent-free and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Thanks to the French Red Cross   You can also join our call on []   #vaccinecommongood  #MakeCOVID19VaccinesAGlobalCommonGood  #COVID19Vaccines #TIMEISNOW
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The Centre Yunus Paris was created in September 2017 by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Grameen Bank Founder and Honorary Citizen of the City of Paris. Invited by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the Centre Yunus Paris is settled in the heart of the city, at “Les Canaux”, the house for solidary-driven and innovative economies.

First Yunus Centre outside of Bangladesh, the Centre Yunus Paris is the permanent resource center for social business in France. It intends to promote a world of three zeros: zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero net carbon emissions.


our missions

Be a resource &
information center for social business

The Centre Yunus Paris is fully included in the Parisian ecosystem of social economy: incubators, information platforms, funders, public authorities, labs.

Promote social business
& the 3 zeros

Promoting social business & Pr. Yunus world of 3 zeros is at the core of our mission. The Centre Yunus brings his vision to french business schools with the YY Campus Tour and organizes regular public events.

Participate to the
Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games

The Centre Yunus Paris represents Prof. Yunus in the relevant governing bodies of Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games and is an active stakeholder of ESS 2024.

We are the resource center for Social Business in France.

Poverty does not belong in civilized human society.
Its proper place is in a museum. That’s where it will be.

Programs & Events
Raising awareness on Social Business ...
Global Social Business Summit ...
Animating the social business community ...
Events at Les CanauxLEARN MORE
This annual international event organized by ...
Social Business DayLEARN MORE

Let’s change the world together!

In the Media
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Lorsque, à 36 ans, Muhammad Yunus crée, en 1976, au Bangladesh,...
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Paradise Papers: la concentration de la richesse est “explosive”, selon Yunus
L'optimisation fiscale des multinationales, mise en lumière par les Paradise...
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Muhammad Yunus “Tout être humain est un entrepreneur né”
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«Que faites-vous à Paris ? La Maire de Paris Anne Hidalgo...
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👏 La première convention @3zeroClub vient de se clôturer.

🌎 Une belle occasion de découvrir les @3zeroClub à travers le monde, et de présenter le rôle du Centre Yunus Paris dans le lancement de l'initiative Club #3ZERO en France !

#WorldofThreeZeros #GSBS2021

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3ZERO Club Convention is TOMORROW!

Register for the 3ZERO Club Convention to foster insightful conversations and witness the exciting segments lined up.

To learn more about the Convention, visit


🔴En direct de la session plénière "#Youth Power for Reaching New Destination" du #GSBS2021

Maxime présente le premier Club français #OneSaveADay pour parler d'impact positif sur la planète ♻️

"Chaque petite action compte."

#3ZEROS #3ZEROClub #WorldofThreeZeros

🔴En direct de la session plénière "#Youth Power for Reaching New Destination" du Global Social Business Summit 2021

Rejoignez le prof. Yunus, prix Nobel de la Paix et les @3zeroClub pour parler de l'engagement des jeunes pour un #Monde3ZERO.



Le Pr. Yunus appelle les jeunes du monde entier à se mobiliser pour former des Clubs #3ZERO afin d'imaginer et de mettre en oeuvre des solutions concrètes pour un #Monde3ZERO :
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