On Monday May 16, the YY-Venture Center in Bangladesh in collaboration with the Yunus Paris Center organized a hybrid session of screening of the film BIGGER THAN US and discussion with Flore Vasseur, the director of the film. The film Bigger Than Us, a poignant documentary that traces the journey of 7 young activists around the world who campaign and fight against social and environmental struggles. It’s a real crush and a boost that shows young people from the South taking concrete action for a fairer and more sustainable future. 3ZERO clubs around the world were able to visualize the various initiatives of passionate and committed young people around the world and to understand the story of this film.

Thanks to our partnership with the Bigger Than Us film team, we organized with the Yunus Center in Dhaka a hybrid screening session to allow our 250 3ZERO clubs to participate either online or in person in Dhaka for the screening of the film. . The clubs thus had the pleasure of discovering the personal journeys of Flore and Mélati (who plays the main role of the film) which led them to make this impact film.

A week before, on Friday May 13, it was this time in Bordeaux in the Business School de Kedge that the students of the campus were able to discover the film and discuss with Flore Vasseur who had made the trip for the occasion. Organized by a 3ZERO club in Bordeaux, the session was above all intended to raise awareness among the school’s students of the social and environmental issues of the South and above all to show the inspiring ways of commitment and civic responsibility.

More than just a film, BIGGER THAN US is an essential tool for spreading the lessons of these passionate young people committed to action to build a 3ZEROS world 🌎

Relive the moments of exchange and emotions with Flore and the 3ZERO Clubs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWPZvOHTVxQ

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