Inauguration of a Yunus Center for Social Business & Inclusion at Montpellier Business School

Credit : © Montpellier BS

Montpellier Business School, through the Chair in Microfinance in Developed Countries & the Chair in Social Entrepreneurship & Inclusion, engages with Pr. Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize 2006, to create the 80th “Yunus Center for Social Business and Financial Inclusion”.

Inaugurated on Wednesday, October 9th, this Center is an academic hub, created in partnership with the Yunus Center with the objective of developing students training & awareness of Social Business through specific courses, certifications, apprenticeships and new positive impact projects.

The Center will ensure the continuity of Professor Yunus conference at Montpellier Business School on March 4, 2019, organized with Centre Yunus Paris. Its core mission is to diffuse new knowledge about research on Social Business, while its creation marks another strong MBS commitment for a fairer and more sustainable economy and society.

“Relying on the Yunus Center for Social Business and Financial Inclusion, we count on developing research in the field of Social Business and strengthen the support to those who wish to create their social impact company and escape poverty”, explains Dr. Anastasia Cozarenco, Director of the Center.

“This is also about contributing to the creation of a solid local, regional and international ecosystem, gathering project leaders of the social and solidarity-driven economy, and thus providing workshops and conferences to as many as possible to encourage social entrepreneurship”, adds Dr. Walid Nakara, Deputy Director of the Center.

Credit : © Montpellier BS

“The creation of the 80th YSBC at Montpellier Business School is a formidable opportunity to continue opening the young generation’s mind to the reality of the world and prepare them to find creative ways to solve the growing issues that the planet is facing”, concludes Pr. Yunus, opening the field of possibilities and encouraging students to take entrepreneurial initiatives.

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