[Impact 2024] Professor Yunus co-leads the platform first strategic committee meeting.

Photo by KMSP / Paris 2024

The first meeting of the Impact 2024 platform for Inclusive and Solidary Games took place last November 19th, 2018 in Paris.

It is by Tony Estanguet’s side, head of Paris 2024, that Pr. Yunus led the launch meeting of the platform at Les Canaux. Gathered around strong convictions, local elected, unions, civil society and sports world representatives, they reaffirmed their will to create a precedent in the history of the Games regarding social inclusion.

“Paris 2024 carries a new vision of the Games, that will be the first in history with impact on society as well as athletic success as a priority”, declared Tony Estanguet, followed by Muhammad Yunus: “Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games embody a crucial step for young people who expect a lot from it in terms of economic and social development. It is our responsibility not to deceive them.” Reminding the audience his vision of sports, he added: “sports has a tremendous power on people, and this power can be used for the benefit of social transformation.”

The Centre Yunus works closely with Paris 2024, Yunus Sports Hub and Les Canaux to set up this platform, in which the Nobel Peace Laureate is very involved. The objectives: make sure that on the about 250 000 jobs that could be created through the Games, 10% will be generated within enterprises providing jobs for the unemployed (insertion companies). Secondly, 25% of the turnover related to the Games should be made by local, small or social businesses.

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