#ESS2024 presents the social & solidarity-driven enterprises winners of the first olympic tenders

On Monday October 7th at Ecodair*, ESS 2024 gathered all its partners to present the social & solidarity-driven enterprises winners of the first olympic tenders since november 2018.

After an introduction by Jean-François Martins, deputy Mayor of Paris on sport and tourism, who mentioned the importance of integrating the social and solidarity-driven economy to the Olympic & Paralympic Games, thus allowing an “economy of demonstration”, Elisa Yavchitz, Director of Les Canaux, presented the Platform ESS 2024 key figures and announced the 26 companies winners of the first olympic tenders.

Those companies, present in various sectors such as catering, hospitality and space rental, goodies and accessories, waste management, communication & broadcasting or consulting, embody a diversity of tenders and structures.

As of today, there are :

  • 9 tenders attributed to a mixt consortium with social & solidarity-driven companies ;
  • 2 tenders attributed to a 100% social & solidarity-driven companies consortium ;
  • 8 tenders won by social & solidarity-driven companies following private arrangements or subcontracting ;
  • 6 tenders attributed to one or several bidders from the social & solidarity-driven economy ;
  • 1 reserved tender attributed to a social & solidarity-driven company.

And among the 26 winners, there are :

  • 5 non for-profit organisations ;
  • 5 co-op ;
  • 3 adapted companies (employing disabled persons) ;
  • 3 insertion companies (providing jobs for the unemployed) ;
  • 10 other structures. 

Overall, out of the 109 published tenders since november 2008, 72 tenders were notified, and 17% of which include at least one winner from the social and solidarity-driven economy.

Among those winning companies, the social company Bilum, the co-op Urban Eco and the adapted company employing disabled persons  Le Colibri came and presented their experience and the opportunities that the Games can offer for the Social & Solidarity-Driven economy.

Those figures are promising, less than a year after the Platform ESS 2024 official launch, notably thanks to a never seen before sourcing approach. Indeed, as Christophe Divi, Director of the Platform ESS 2024 mentioned, ESS 2024 team seeks to always better qualify the identification of social & solidarity-driven companies in order to grasp their production & development capacity, and thus think about the Games heritage on those topics.

Thus, more than 500 structures are referenced online and about 125 social & solidarity-driven companies have participated to meet-up organised respectively by the SOLIDEO in may, and by the City of Paris and the Departemental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis in July. 

ESS 2024 also values the companies support all along the tenders life, from their publication to their implementation.

“We support structures while providing tools or connecting them with other structures. We explain them the specifications, the olympic and paralympic context, and on a case-by-case basis we created bridges, offering a personalized support.”  Christophe Divi, Director of ESS 2024

To achieve its mission, the Platform relies on about fifty partners, notably to coordinate the thematic impact booklets that will be handed to the Games organizers and the project managers. As a matter of fact, the first three impact booklets were presented during this committee : waste management, insertion and employment, transitional urban-planning. Those deliverables will leave an inspiring post-olympic heritage.

Furthermore, Christophe Itier, High-Commissioner for the Social & Solidarity-Driven Economy & Social Innovation, announced the launch of a French Tour starting in 2020 with ESS 2024, labelized French Impact “Olympic Territory”. This tour will allow all the social & solidarity-driven companies based in France to beneficiate from the Games public procurement, and more globally, to access big cultural and sports events organization.

Eric Pliez, President of Les Canaux & Paris 2024 administrator, President of Samu Social & Director of the non-for profit organisation Aurore, emphasized the necessity of encouraging cooperation and consortiums, for Social & Solidarity Economy companies to work with each other and better position themselves in every sectors. 

For Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, what matters is to “convert the try because there is still a lot to be done. Those first results with Bilum, Le Colibri and Urban Eco give purpose to what we are doing.”

“The work done by ESS 2024 and its partners will beneficiate Paris 2024 Games for sure, but also the entire sports movement.” Roxana Maracineanu, Minister of Sports

The conclusions remarks were reserved for Professor Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize and spokesperson for ESS 2024, who affirmed : “we are in the process of challenging the entire world while offering an alternative model. Now, it is our task to tackle this challenge. I sincerely trust those Inclusive and Solidary Games”.


*Ecodair is an adapted business employing disabled persons that fixes and repackages computer equipment. 

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