Pr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize 2006, gives an exceptional conference at Kedge Business School in Marseille

Pr. Muhammad Yunus at KEDGE Business School on October 9th, 2019

On October 9th, 2019, KEDGE Business School Marseille Campus welcomed Professor Muhammad Yunus for an inspiring conference on the theme “Bringing Social Business to Your Campus”. More than 1000 students, among which 600 attending in the amphitheater and 400 connected through video-conference from Paris, Bordeaux, and Toulon campuses, listened to Pr. Yunus sharing his path, learnings, and vision for a world of three zeros: zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero carbon emission.

“Do not accept what you are told in the classroom”, said Pr. Yunus to students. “Imagine the world you want to live in. Nothing is impossible for human beings. If you imagine it, it will happen.”

Initiated by Centre Yunus Paris and KEDGE Professor José Carlos SUAREZ-HERRERA, in the framework of the YYCampusTour, and in collaboration with students organizations Unis-Terre and Clepsydre, this conference gives a unique opportunity for KEDGE to receive Pr. Yunus, Grameen Bank Founder, and Social Business initiator, and thus to open the school to a new field of research.

Already a pioneer in the fields of CSR and sustainable development, KEDGE has decided to develop its strategic action in the area of “common good” while investing in the field of Social Business and is applying by the Yunus Center to host a Yunus Social Business Center (YSBC). Such a Center would allow KEDGE to join a network of more than 80 YSBC around the world. It would aim at:

– training students to Social Business,
– Facilitate internships & apprenticeships,
– accompany project creation,
– contributing to research on Social Business,
– Integrate & support social innovations.

Thus, a collaboration between KEDGE Business School, Centre Yunus Paris, the French branch of the Yunus Center based in Dacca and the global network of academic institutions will grow to continue defending a world of three zeros.

About Centre Yunus Paris

Centre Yunus Paris was created by Pr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize, Grameen Bank Founder and Honorary Citizen of Paris City in September 2017. First Yunus Centre outside of Bangladesh, the Centre Yunus Paris is the permanent resource center for social business in France. It intends to promote a world of three zeros: zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero net carbon emissions. Centre Yunus Paris aims notably at promoting social business among the academic world, universities and students, who are the leaders and professionals of tomorrow.

Press Contact Centre Yunus Paris: – Phone: +33 (0) 646 025 536

About YY Campus Tour

The YY Campus Tour, organized by Centre Yunus Paris with the support of the YY Foundation, aims at raising awareness on social business according to Professor Muhammad Yunus among the academic world and students. It consists in unique inspiring talks organized in French business schools and universities in presence of Pr. Yunus himself. Its ambition is notably to encourage the creation of Yunus Social Business Centers (YSBC) in Universities. More than 80 YSBC already exist within universities and academic institution around the world. Created in partnership with the Yunus Center, they aim at training students in social business through specialized courses, degrees, internships facilitation, assistance in project creation and provisioning of diverse resources. Essential ally to Prof. Yunus’ philosophy, YSBC are key players in the diffusion of social business. They are strongly supported by the Centre Yunus Paris and the Yunus Centre in Dacca, Bangladesh.

About KEDGE Business School

KEDGE is a leading French business school with four campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles and Toulon), three abroad (Shanghai, Suzhou and Dakar) and three partner campuses (Avignon, Bastia and Bayonne). The KEDGE community is made up of 12,600 students (including 25% coming from abroad), 183 professors (including 44% coming from abroad), 275 international academic partners and 60,150 alumni around the world. KEDGE offers 36 programs in management, designed for students and industry professionals.

It also provides tailor-made educational programs for businesses at national and international levels. KEDGE Business School is AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA-accredited, and is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It is also recognized by the French government, with labeled programs, and has obtained the EESPIG label. KEDGE was ranked 35th by the Financial Times in the European Business School ranking and 36th globally in its Executive MBA ranking.

Press Contact KEDGE :
Julien RAVIER Tel. +33 (0) 671 535 161 /
Aurélie HEUGA Tel. +33 (0) 556 846 343 /

About Unis-Terre

Unis-Terre is one the largest student organization for sustainable development and humanitarian action in France! Created in 2005 at the heart of KEDGE Business School Marseille, it gathers about 175 members and aims at promoting and developing solidarity initiatives locally and internationally.

Thus, the organization covers the three pillars of sustainable development: environment, social and economy. Kedge

About Clepsydre

Clepsydre is the student tribune, non partisan-organization of KEDGE Business School Marseille, which aims at giving a voice to citizens, being professionals, students or others. The organization fulfills its mission through events & media means: conferences, round-tables, articles, videos, radio shows, speech contests and more. Kedge

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