Centre Yunus Paris Website Launch

Founded in 2017 at the initiative of Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, the Centre
Yunus Paris launches its website: www.centreyunus.fr

Centre Yunus Paris’s website offers access to resources about social business (definitions, list of publications, partner websites, etc) and displays the Centre activity in the social economy in France and worldwide : partnerships, participation to the Impact 2024 platform for inclusive and solidary Olympic & Paralympic Games, events, conferences in Universities with the YY Campus Tour.

“For French entrepreneurs and all the entrepreneurs, I have the same message: everyone can do two kinds of businesses. One can do business to make money, and at the same time business to change the world. This is what I call social business.”

The Centre Yunus Paris is the first Yunus Centre outside of Bangladesh, created to address the issues of poverty and exclusion. It intends to promote social business for a world of three zeros : zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero net carbon emissions. To that end, his missions are to:

● Be a resource & information center for social business: The Centre Yunus Paris is fully included in the Parisian ecosystem of social economy : incubators, information platforms, funders, public authorities, etc. It acts as a spokesperson organisation for social business and takes responsibility for preparing Prof. Yunus’ agenda when he stays in France.

● Be part of the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games: In partnership with Paris 2024, the company for the delivery of the Games infrastructures (SOLIDEO), Les Canaux and Yunus Sports Hub, Centre Yunus Paris participate to the Impact 2024 platform in order to ensure the social inclusiveness and environmental sustainability of the Games together with its impact on territorial development. The platform aims at informing, animating and accompanying the social economy actors for them to be at the heart of the Games.

● Promote social business creation: The Centre Yunus Paris will work in partnership with
local start-up incubators in order to facilitate the creation of social businesses, and especially prepare them to be potential service providers or partners to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Special attention will be given to the promotion of diversity, social inclusion and job-creating social businesses.

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Press Contact
Liza Patris / liza.patris@centreyunus.fr / +33 6 46 02 55 36

About – The Centre Yunus Paris was created in September 2017 by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Grameen Bank Founder and Honorary Citizen of the City of Paris. Invited by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the Centre Yunus Paris is settled in the heart of the city, at “Les Canaux”, the house for solidary-driven and innovative economies. The Centre Yunus Paris is the first accredited Centre by the Yunus Centre Dhaka outside of Bangladesh, created to solve the issue of great poverty. It is the permanent resource center for social business in France. It intends to promote a world of three zéros : zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero net carbon emissions.

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