Centre Yunus launches French Academic Network for the 3 Zeros

After the success of the YY Campus Tour that gathered more than 3500 students from 6 universities, the Centre Yunus Paris could not stop its efforts there. On Thursday, July 2019, the team gathered its academic partners in Paris for a meeting and working seminar. The meeting was held at Carlos Moreno’s, the director of Chaire ETI, which signed a collaboration agreement with Yunus Center to become a Yunus Social Business Center on November 20th, 2018.

This meeting represented the opportunity for each university and business school to meet and learn from each other. The Chaire ETI together with Emmanuel Pic, co-director of the YSBC at Lille Catholic University founded last March, hence shared the motives that pushed them to host academic Yunus Centers in their institutions. Today, all parties were convinced of the great importance to share social business and Pr. Yunus philosophy for the development of a better, fairer, more sustainable world.

This morning seminar marks the launch of the “French Academic Network for the 3 Zeros”: a network of enthusiastic, hard-working and committed academic institutions for the promotion of Pr. Yunus ideas towards those who embody the future and hope of our planet, the youth. Together with the Centre Yunus, the Network aims at developing educative tools, research work and social business creation that should beneficiate to the worldwide social business community.

Centre Yunus Paris is grateful for the partners that were able to attend the seminar, and is willing to welcome additional institutions in the Social Business family.

If your university or school is interested in joining in, do no hesitate to drop us a line. Keep following us for more news about our actions in the upcoming months!

To Know More:

What is a Yunus Social Business Center?

More than 76 YSBC already exist within universities and academic institution around the world. Created in partnership with the Yunus Center, they aim at training students in social business through specialized courses, degrees, internships facilitation, assistance in project creation and provisioning of diverse resources. Essential ally to Prof. Yunus’ philosophy, YSBC are key players in the diffusion of social business. They are strongly supported by the Centre Yunus Paris and the Yunus Centre in Dacca, Bangladesh.

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